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View Diary: National Review Online: Obama is a Communist half-Jew (254 comments)

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    Even their writers found that one post not kosher:

    Obamarxism?   [Andrew Stuttaford]
    Good grief, Lisa, I'm no fan of Obama, but I really think that 'investigating' the senator's background in the manner you suggest will be thoroughly counterproductive. At the very least, it risks conjuring up memories of the attempt to make Bill Clinton's 1969 visit to Moscow an issue in the 1992 election, a tactic that was as absurd as it was fruitless, and which, in the end, only highlighted the desperation of the flailing George H. W. Bush campaign. Now, as it happens, I do think that Obama is a man whose political leanings are some considerable way to the left of what is generally understood. The best, and most convincing, way to establish that fact, however, is by examining his more recent record and what he stands for now, not by rooting around in his, and his family's, past.

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