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    mindoca, Elise

    but there's not much else I can do.

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        post a few strategic links in various locations on here to see if it gets you guys some help.

        Also, I was gonna write a diary today about phonebanking/fundraising, but I just don't feel like it tonight. I'm drained. I had an idea though... Populista posted this diary last night, I don't know if you saw, but it was "Let's March 4th for Obama", anyway he said in the diary to take the idea and pass it around so I asked if I can copy the theme of it and he said yeah.

        So my idea is... we need to do some sort of "viral plagiarizing" like there are viral videos. Basically one of us writes the diary, like he did, someone else "steals" it and posts it without attribution (gasp) but with permission, and expands on it, and then the next day someone else steals it and does the same thing. And it gets spread around further and further and keeps growing...

        The idea is to gain more readers, money and donors and mock the "plagiarism" charge at the same time, while expanding on the "March 4th for Obama" idea.

        Anyway let me know if you like that, I'm really serious about trying to do something every day til March 4th.

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