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    As a former Ohioan I have always been appaled by the parties lack of an organizational ground game. Having worked in new Hampshire organizing various locales taught me a great deal. I came back to Ohio went to the party hq to offer my expertise/experience and was largely ignored. I did set up a small rally in my south side neighborhood for the tim hagan gubenatorial race. No help turning people out came from the party or the candidate. No advance work was done by the candidate. They did not even bring signage or sign up sheets. I was only able to turn out about 200 people but we attracted some press but without help with basic ground work.

    I guess what I am getting at is if the obama campaign is successful in bringing an effective ground game to the Ohio Democratic Party that will be a good thing.

    •  and ... ? (0+ / 0-)

      How's it looking in OH so far?

      Most of the conservative scenarios for a narrow Obama victory that I've seen have him losing OH and FL but pulling it off with states like CO and NV. If he could win Ohio decisively, I think we'd be getting into landslide territory and it seems like there are always a LOT of very close congressional races there too.

      •  no idea (0+ / 0-)

        I live in Oregon now. Trying to get my family lined up. Right now I am at 3 obama 1 Hillary and 3 mccains. 5 more in play.

        One of the reasons I like obama is he at least has a shot at a landslide. Clinton can win but it will be close garaunteed.

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