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    From what I have read here and elsewhere, this campaign is over and Barack Obama won the Democratic Presidential primary '08 primary.  His campaign has operated the most successful on the ground, house by house, precinct by precinct, grassroots and toproots campaign in American political history, leaping over the bar last set  four decades ago by Bobby Kennedy.

    Add to this his passionate intellectual committment to 'justice for all' proven endless times on the ground 'in the shadows' as Michelle Obama expressed it, as well as in the  spotlight as a US Senator, and he is unbeatable. His unequivocal and staunch opposition against invading Iraq from the get go showed the wisdom and judgement and independence of thought astounding for his 'age and experience'. (but let's not forget Senator Paul Wellstone D-MN, killed in 2002 for his opposition to invading Iraq and his legislation banning federal contracts with companies incorporated outside of the US to evade paying their fair share of Federal taxes.)

    For example, paraphrasing, to the effect that it isn't right for CEOs to make gargantum profits while their workers make peanuts or are laid off.  Is it right for.....? etc.  and then  NO! etc.  and the crowd roars in agreement. Is it just that any American should die in this country because he/she/they couldn't even afford the medical care despite going without just to pay premiums?

    But Mr. Obama, please tell us how exactly are you going to 'fix' this capital/wage/labor disparity in a global economy? We are persuaded by your actions you will work with both sides of the aisle in Congress, and Congress will work with you but will corporate America, Big Pharma, and Big Oil simply walk away, tails between their legs and play nice? Will the leeches sucking at the teat of government contracts go quietly into the night? What is it or how will you cause K St lobbyists to disappear?

    I fear for Obama and pray G*d watch over the Obama family and keep them from harm's way, as must we all.

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