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  •  MLK never had an opportunity to be (7+ / 0-)

    president.  Clinton's comment contained in it the suggestion that, like MLK, Obama could never really be president.  Therefore, in order to carry out his dreams, we need a real president - you know, HIllary.  

    She's been making the same kind of commentary all through this campaign - that Obama is not capable of being president.  That no one is capable except Hillary.  

    •  Actually the way I saw it was her trying to (2+ / 0-)
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      sundancekid11, zenobia

      trash his speaking ability.  She is still doing it, but this time she used plagiarism.  

      But back to her MLK/LBJ, she used MLK because it was part of his "hope" reasons.  It was because of hope why MLK, JFK, Lincoln, Selma marches, that brought changes.  

      She wanted to take that away from him, so she attacked his words.  She thought if she can just paint him as all talk(just like MLK) but it took action(LBJ) he's not able to get things done.

      It was a bad attempt to minimized him and instead she made a hugh mistake using an African American icon to do it.  She wasn't trying to insult MLK, just Obama, but it back fired.

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