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  •  I think that's all true (2+ / 0-)
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    Happy Days, bfitzinAR
    but I also think that some of the presumptions that Bill Clinton was attacking Barack racially were a bit over the top and rabid considering his history and relationship with the Black community - he shouldn't have been treated that way.


    •  Where were you between NH and SC (1+ / 0-)
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      What about

      Bill Shaheen
      Mark Penn
      Bob Kerrey
      Bob Johnson


      Bringing up a (half-)black candidate's cocaine use in his troubled youth (Shaheen, Penn), then referring to his "Muslim faith" (Kerrey), then indirectly bringing up the cocaine issue again after the furor had dided down (Johnson) is the most blatant race-baiting I have seen since the Harold Ford Super Bowl ad, and although it is probably to be expected from the Reich Wing, IT HAS NO PLACE being used by an (albeit corporate) Democrat against a (Proud Progressive) Democrat.

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