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  •  That's the system. (5+ / 0-)

    Or what it used to be.

    You used to be able to ask questions about these things, and those questions were the protection that defendants and bystanders alike had that their rights would not be violated (or simply destroyed) by the officious weight of the federal government.

    All trials involve someone standing up for someone who is, or might be, guilty. As do subsequent appeals.

    Fearing to stand up and ask those questions is how we got to the point where a federal indictment was reason enough to run away. Well, that and the reservoir of trust in federal law enforcement that used to be well-grounded.

    But the Bush-Cheney "administration" discovered early on that that fear (and that now-depleted reservoir of trust) would as often as not enable them to remove political opponents from the playing field entirely, and put them beyond the reach of public opinion or public questions about the charges leveled against them.

    We keep waiting for the "perfect" ground on which to make some stand against this. And instead find ourselves pushed off of one square after another, until we're finally retroactively immunizing domestic spying, looking the other way on torture, etc.

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