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  •  It was a classic case of over-prosecution. (11+ / 0-)

    The prosecutors came in with a laundry list of charges that was so long that it basically made the jury feel that he must be guilty of "something" - this is an ugly tactic that less than honorable prosecutors resort to more often than most people would like to know.

    Siegelman's attorneys argued that the bribery charge was so thin that every politician in Alabama could be following the letter of the law and still be prosecuted using the state's interpretation of the statues.

    It wasn't until the US Attorney scandal broke that a lot of people started to revisit this case to take a closer look at what really went on.  It looks like this may have been the test case that gave birth to the national strategy of politicizing our Justice Department.

    •  Exactly (8+ / 0-)

      every news station in Al. went nuts over this story, reporters at the court house, camped outside Siegleman's house, people seemed to be out for blood for some reason.  Then the charges started being dropped one by one and that upset the editorials on the local newspapers.  They called for blood more than the local yocals, and so something had to stick. And this trumped up so-called bribery charge was the one that stuck, and every legislature in Al. should be in prison beside Siegleman cause they all do the same exact thing.

      What has been interesting was how he was treated after he was arrested, drug directly from the courtroom and held at secret orison locations untill the press could track him down.  Seriously for a couple of days nobody knew where he was being held.

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