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    Matt Z

    Advance Publications, the same media moguls that own the Cleveland Plain Dealer currently trying to bring down Dennis Kucinich in his house race.

    In the Siegelman case, there were numerous reports of biased reporting from newpapers owned by Advance Publications. for example, Crazy as a Loon reports:

    Don Siegelman, Fascist News: Advance Publications, Inc.

    Still receiving comments from Southerners extremely angry about former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman's fascist, politically motivated imprisonment. When news media sources are dishonest, no longer trustworthy, and so obviously biased, it's time for the entire country to brace themselves for what may follow. Readers send more comments:

       Atlantaflash says:
       The three largest newspapers plus the Internet site in Alabama are all owned by Advance Publications, INC. They literally print nothing but lies about all Democrats in the state. They will not allow their investigative reporters any access to these cases. If they would have investigated and printed the truth about Don Siegelman like the locally own papers done the Canary's would have been run out of the state by its citizens before now.

       It has taken a few months, but most Alabamians now know the truth about their good friend Don Siegelman, about the conspiracy that removed the most popular Democrat in Alabama by Bush's appointees and how his elections were taken from him.

       These three newspaper instruct their writers to start every article that they write about Siegelman with this statement, "our newspapers endorsed Riley and we believe Siegelman to be a crook" then they twist every sentence after that to sound negative.

       Many of us are dropping our subscriptions and are switching to locally owned newspapers.

    Mike Hale says:
    When the books leave the press next fall about the persecution of Alabama's most popular Democrat Ex-Governor Don Siegelman, they will be best sellers; I guarantee. I don't know of anyone in the history of the United States who has had the constitution torn up and thrown in their face, by all levels of the federal government like Siegelman has. On top of that, the three largest newspapers in his own state have been a big part of this conspiracy. The newspapers are owned by the media giant, Advance Publications Inc. Whose writers have pacific orders on how to write news articles that involves Democrats. These newspapers are feeding this same false information to the AP Associated Press and the TV and radio media. This is a form of nazism and is against the law. I have requested that the FBI conduct an investigation of Advance Publications Inc.

    The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. -FZ

    by lightfoot on Fri Feb 22, 2008 at 01:03:44 PM PST

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