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  •  I don't have a problem (0+ / 0-)

    with any of his arguments or even his comments - I have a problem when he retroactively deletes his comments and those of others, b/c he didn't like the way that the conversation went.

    •  Then don't post there (4+ / 0-)

      those are the site policies, which leave wide latitude for both Jeralyn and BTD to apply their standards. They can and will delete anything they find out of bounds. I don't agree with you that that tends to be about disagreement -- I've seen plenty of people disagree, so long as they maintain a basic standard of discussion, don't go off topic, and don't take up half a thread whining about how they're being mistreated.

      I've no idea what sorts of comments you made that got deleted, and I frankly don't really care -- unless you think they were your most brilliant pieces of writing ever, which I hope is not the case, it's hardly like it matters. Not every conversation in the real world is recorded for posterity, either.

      If you feel they're being too heavy-handed, you're best off just moving on.

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