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    NAFTA was a staple of the Clinton years in power, and we haven't heard anything from Clinton about it until - surprise surprise - She gets to a state like Ohio which has been hurt by it.  Obama has been speaking out against it since day one - you really think Clinton just happened to oppose it, on the eve of an election, after a tremendous number of years of support?  You're delusional.

    As for the heath care plan, lets talk about what the ad says, because what Obama's plan does has nothing to do with it.  You're charging that the flyer is untrue, which means that on its own merits, in Hillary's plan, it is untrue.  And of course it isn't.  Her plan does give out vouchers to aid, but not in totality, underprivileged families.  You're digging into peoples pockets from the get, garnishing wages from paychecks.  Thats a world of difference from "If you go to get health care services, you will be billed for it."  One is having to pay for services rendered.  The other is a government program that from day one garnishes wages, even when you can't afford it.  Thats not universal health care.  Thats car insurance.  

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