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View Diary: SNL/Tina Fey: The "Cool Kids" Have Spoken? (295 comments)

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  •  All of which brings us to the question... (0+ / 0-)

    ...Is karma changing in the campaign?  Last night's SNL has ignited a firestorm across the Tubes, with much gnawing and gnashing from Obama supporters (who were all too happy for any celebrity endorsement that came down the pike, but are now dismayed by the overt endorsement of Senator Clinton by SNL) and with jubilation among Clinton supporters (who, let's face it, haven't had anything to cheer about in weeks).  Campaigns often change dramatically at one moment in time when human energy takes a suddenly different turn.  Could this be such a moment for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?  Probably not, but it's got to give some pause those here who are already picking out a nice new vice-president for Senator Obama.  I would have thought that part would have at least waited until the Rezko trial ended (and jury selection starts in that tomorrow, and with the prosecutor being one of our heroes of yesteryear -- Patrick Fitzgerald).  Well, you never know, do you?

    •  I think its not karma but the wailing and (0+ / 0-)

      weeping from the Hillary campaign and from her supporters. After idiotic Tweety went so far over the line and Schuster spewed his shit, the networks are now overcompensating for past mistakes. But instead of being fair in reporting about Hillary, they are trying to show they are not biased by cutting Obama.

      This might have the perverse effect of helping OBama if the networks get nervous over swinging too far in Hillary's favor and it will quiet the The World is Unfair to Our Girl Theme heard from Hillar supporters

      I think anyone who supports Barack and is convinced he is a shoo-in are fools.

      I think Rezko is a non-issue. I think the Clinton Library Donor list is much more interesting and troubling.

      You are a child of the universe; no less than the trees and the stars... Desiderata

      by byteb on Sun Feb 24, 2008 at 01:21:34 PM PST

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