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  •  Military votes... (4.00)
    For those interested in anecdotes about the military vote--here's some good news.

    My husband's unit is mobilized to go to Iraq--they'll be heading over in a couple of weeks. They're at Ft. Bragg right now, training and getting shots etc. in preparation for deployment.

    Last night they went to the Mash House, a pub on Ft. Bragg, and had quite a throw-down. Once the beer started flowing, one of the soldiers asked my husband about the Kerry sticker that was on his car back home--

    "hey sir, are you a Kerry supporter or is that your wife's car or what?"

    My husband said that he is indeed a Kerry supporter. One by one, all the guys said that they are also Kerry supporters--all 20 of them!

    I think a lot of military folks feel intimidated to speak up about their support for Kerry (wonder why, considering how vets are being slimed by the Bush campaign!) but once they see that they aren't alone, they are relieved to be able to speak their minds.
    Add this to the Pennsylvania poll, which showed the military vote (active + families) skewing toward Kerry 46 to 42.

    Good stuff. I think the active military is underrepresented in polls anyway.  Most of those folks are hard to get in touch with, I imagine.

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