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  •  I think you're being harsh (none)
    I didn't take this at all as a suggestion that we should ignore bad news, I just thought it was a well-thought out attempt at putting one poll in the larger perspective of a campaign that lasts many months and will feauture hundreds of individual data points and lots of periods of fluctuation.  

    Certainly the next couple weeks are going to be the toughest of the campaign, and everyone on here has gotta hunker down, be prepared, and work even harder. But I think that Chris's points are well taken; that just because the trend isn't constantly positive--or positive this second-- doesn't mean that Kerry's not in a strong overall position--a sentiment that I think you'd agree with. No doubt, though, the critical period is upon us.

    Of course it's important to be realistic as to where things are, and not fool oneself--but I'd still rather be Kerry right now than Bush and no matter what the polls show, panic and "the sky is falling" never helps anything (not suggesting that you're panicking--but some folks are, and it's counter-productive).

    •  Re: I think you're being harsh (4.00)
      "I think you're being harsh"

      Certainly possible.  Petey tends toward the harsh over the mellow.

      "panic and "the sky is falling" never helps anything (not suggesting that you're panicking--but some folks are, and it's counter-productive"

      You're not alone in feeling this way.

      Many folks in politics really believe in the usefulness of a "bandwagon" effect: make people think you're doing well, and it'll have the effect of making you do well.

      I've always thought the bandwagon effect was greatly overrated.  I think it's benefits are negligible, and it holds real dangers of creating self-delusion.  Karl Rove made his worst mistake of the '00 election by having Bush out in California the weekend before the election for this reason.  And I watched the Dean campaign fall victim to a bad case of this.

      But perhaps I'm falling off topic here, and using your words to speak to a larger point.

      Regarding what you actually did say, I didn't notice a lot of panic around here, although avoiding panic is a laudable aim.  If people were saying "Kerry is doomed," I'd be disagreeing with them quite emphatically.

      I'm just wary of a happy news reading of things.  I think it causes problems.

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