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  •  Not "scared", but a little frustrated (none)
    The analysis that went with the LA Times poll specifically calls out the SBVT garbage as having been a likely contributor to the current swing.  This is consistent with a few other regional polls I've seen (I believe I heard one in the Columbus Dispatch from last weekend, for example).

    Mind you, it's not like this is an issue that's harpooned Kerry, but what's frustrating is that given all that's come out about this, this should have blown up completely in the Bush campaign's face--call it the "anti Willie Horton".  In an ideal world, to the extent this is affecting the election, this should be hurting Bush-Cheney, badly.  Statistically, it doesn't appear that's happened.  I had sort of hoped I could count on the intelligence of the American people to have smelled a rat here and reacted accordingly.  Instead, I'm forced again to question that intelligence.  I'm reminded of a moment in the Reagan/Mondale race when Reagan's numbers bounced (like anybody was really tracking that race) with the claim "Reagan brought the Olympics home to the US" (because the election was coincident with the LA Olympics).  My point being, never underestimate what crap people will buy (OK, that's not a revelation...cue up a rousing discussion on the phenomenon of reality TV :).

    Anyways, a slight fear I have is...if BushCo is having some success with a non-issue like SBVT, just imagine what happens if the campaign turns back to substance and they find a legitimate liability of Kerry's platform?  The fact that Kerry's policy on Iraq is slowly morphing into the current Bush-Cheney policy is one that comes to mind.

    But mind you, as a Red Sox fan, I know irrational panic and I'm not irrationally panicking.  There is no evidence that this doesn't remain Kerry's election to win, if he and his campaign can respond to challenges (and on the face of it, the SBVT response has been nothing short of masterful to date).

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