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View Diary: When Can We Expect Health Care Reform (Whoever Wins)? (369 comments)

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  •  Obama is not for single payer (1+ / 0-)
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    Obama definitely will not propose single payer or anything close to it. He has stated so plainly. He used to support it long ago. He has flip flopped.

    Progressives who think his health care reform will be at all to their liking will be sorely disappointed. One of his health care surrogates is Jim Cooper, the main player on the Democratic side responsible for killing the Clinton health care plan in 1993. He is against universal coverage. Read what Mike Lux has to say about his direct experience with Jim Cooper

    and what Ezra Klein has to say about him.

    Hillary Clinton is the last person standing for real universal health care, and has devised a brilliant plan, with the addition of a option of a Medicare like nonprofit publicly administered program that could eventually turn into a single payer national health insurance program if enough people choose it. That is why I support her.

    What is most likely to come to be is the bipartisan Wyden/Bennett Senate bill, the Healthy Americans Act (should be the "Bankrupted by Medical Bills Americans Act") that proposes a private insurance based system and eliminates employer provided health insurance. We will all be on our own trying to purchase insurance in the private market. That is what Obama's "post partisan" "unity" and compromise politics will net us, and we should be very scared.

    If what you want is single payer then Obama is NOT your candidate. Hillary Clinton is. Her plan is far more progressive.

    •  Nonsense. Hillary Clinton is DLC to the core (1+ / 0-)
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      with her bales of cash from big health care, one might have serious doubts as to her commitment to doing anything about the healthcare mess, or about anything else other than getting herself elected, if recent campaign tactics are any guide.

      •  It's on us, not Obama: (1+ / 0-)
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        the combination of a President with Obama's extraordinary leadership skills and a budding mass movement already supporting HR 676 (which includes over 235 union organizations in 40 states, including 60 Central Labor Councils, as well as many citizens and religious organizations) the American people can be convinced to support Medicare For All

        For that to happen, it will take a mass movement in support of single payer health. Obama speaks eloquently of the fact that real social change is hard and starts from the bottom up through organized movements, not from the top down from a government that institutionalizes fundamental social change only when forced to from below. A mass movement for single payer healthcare has already begun to take shape. My hope is that an Obama Presidency will help give it the space to flourish, and to push Universal Healthcare beyond the bounds of Obama's more modest proposals

        Miles Mogulescu at Huffington Post.

        •  Fiction (2+ / 0-)
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          7rescue, Valhalla

          This is the #1 fiction about Obama that makes me say that his supporters just take their own dreams and make him in favor of that.

          Obama is not in favor of a single payer health care system.  I do await mcjoan's analysis later today.  But there is this belief out there by some Obama supporters that somehow if we have an Obama presidency that he will suddenly become a single-payer standard bearer.

          It won't happen.

          And that worries about the 'wake up call' when President Obama can't be all things his supporters have decided he is.

          •  You have no idea what will happen or not happen (0+ / 0-)

            You are pontificating.

            •  They WONT be able to implement their proposals as (0+ / 0-)

              they stand..

              They would be illegal under WTO and NAFTA. This is the legacy that Bush has left us, a lock-in of many policies that is going to be VERY hard to get out of.

              Single payer is the only way to not have 'discriminatory' policies towards some vendors and not others.

              Please read this article..


              •  We should not expect anyone to implement anything (0+ / 0-)

                as it stands.  The campaign wish lists are just that.  If and only if we give Obama a mandate and a lot of help in Congress will there be any possibility of major reform.  It's up to us to choose the most progressive electable candidate, then organize.  
                Hillary cannot deliver a mandate or implement much in the way of reform because of her sky high negatives.

                •  They both have negatives.. (0+ / 0-)

                  and positives..

                  But we should not fool ourselves about the future, I actually agree with the dairy author in that I think it is going to be VERY hard to get change to happen within the next five or ten years without a crisis. I don't consider the leading candidates proposals to be real change because I don't think they will succeed to make healthcare actualy cheaper for the majority of Americans. Maybe for their children they will, though.

                  How could they, with insurance companies so heavily involved?

                  •  Universality (mandated) will reduce costs (0+ / 0-)

                    "I don't think they will succeed to make healthcare actualy cheaper for the majority of Americans. Maybe for their children they will, though.
                    How could they, with insurance companies so heavily involved?"

                    With the Clinton plan establishes the option of the public Medicare like program, so people are not locked into buying private insurance (which cannot possibly deliver affordable policies that are comprehensive and actually supply people with the services they need and protect them from bankruptcy or destitution in the event of a serious health problem). If the American people choose Medicare like program as their carrier, that will make the decision on our having a national health insurance program or not. No elected official can force a single payer program on the public, that is much like trying to force democracy down people's throats who have not chosen it. But Clinton's plan has set up the possibility of people choosing it for themselves.

                    If most or all people opt for the public program it will reduce costs, but no mechanism short of that will reduce costs. Obam's plan cannot work, it is a joke. It would take pages of detail to demonstrate that, and will likely also require reorganization of the health care delivery system and constant evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of services.

                  •  France, France, France! (0+ / 0-)

                    How could they, with insurance companies so heavily involved?

                    France managed to get a single payer system by keeping the insurance companies involved.

    •  neither one of them are for single payer (0+ / 0-)

      You won't see single payer, medicare for all, from either Obama or Clinton.

      Dr Wu, the last of the big time thinkers

      by Dr Wu on Sun Mar 02, 2008 at 08:59:00 AM PST

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