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View Diary: My anti-Fox News rant while on Fox News (335 comments)

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  •  This whole incident (15+ / 0-)

    reminds me of that classic SciFi short story by Ray Nelson, "Eight O'Clock in the Morning." A pertinent excerpt:

    At the end of the show the hypnotist told his subjects, "Awake."
    Something unusual happened.

    One of the subjects awoke all the way. This had never happened before. His name was George Nada and he blinked out at the sea of faces in the theatre, at first unaware of anything out of the ordinary. Then he noticed, spotted here and there in the crowd, the non-human faces, the faces of the Fascinators. They had been there all along, of course, but only George was really awake, so only George recognized them for what they were....

    George lived alone in a little sleeping room, and as soon as he got home, the first thing he did was to disconnect the TV set. In other rooms he could hear the TV sets of his neighbors, though. Most of the time the voices were human, but now and then he heard the arrogant, strangely bird-like croaks of the aliens. "Obey the government," said one croak. "We are the government, " said another. "We are your friends, you'd do anything for a friend, wouldn't you?"

    He went up to the street and went into a bar. One of the Fascinators was on the TV, saying over and over again, "We are your friends. We are your friends. We are your friends." The stupid lizard sounded scared. Why? What could one man do against all of them?

    George ordered a beer, the it suddenly struck him that the Fascinator on the TV no longer seemed to have any power over him. He looked at it again and thought, "It has to believe it can master me to do it. The slightest hint of fear on its part and the power to hypnotize is lost." They flashed George's picture on the TV screen and George retreated to the phone booth. He called his control, the Chief of Police.

    "Hello, Robinson?" he asked.


    "This is George Nada. I've figured out how to wake people up."

    "What? George, hang on. Where are you?" Robinson sounded almost hysterical.

    He hung up and paid and left the bar. They would probably trace his call.

    He caught another subway and went downtown.

    It was dawn when he entered the building housing the biggest of the city's TV studios. He consulted the building director and then went up in the elevator. The cop in front of the studio recognized him. "Why, you're Nada!" he gasped.

    Read the rest. It's worth it.

    LeeCamp, our own George Nada. Wake up, everybody!

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