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    Vermont is primarily a rural state with low density population.  The largest city in Vermont is Burlington - with a whopping popluation of 39,000.  It is ethnically homogenous with a population comprised of 98% White.  A quarter of population is of French/French-Canadian ancestry and 20% of English ancestry.  It also has the second highest median age of any state.  Layered on top of this you have had over the last 20 years a steady migration of lefty, back to the land types move to Vermont, with a particular concentration around the People's Republic of Burlington.

    Rhode Island is primarily a (former) manufacturing state with the 2d highest populatino density in the country.  The largest city is Providence with a popluation of 175,000.  Although generally ethnically homogenous at 90% White, the Latino popuation has been growing and is about 10% of the population (any race).  African-Americans are about 6%.  Ancestral groups are far more mixed than in Vermont, with Italian, Portuguese, Irish, English, French Canadian, and Hispanic being present in significant percentages.  The population is much younger than Vermont.  Economically, Rhode Island is tied into greater Boston metropolitan region (Providence being 45 minutes from Boston) as well as the Boston/New York corridor.  

    Where in Vermont the principal economic activity is farming & tourism, in Rhode Island it is healthcare, education, tourism and manufacturing.  Finally, Rhode Island is a "coastal state" (the state is practically all shoreline) while Vermont is an "inland" state.

    Liberals drive me crazy. Unfortunately, conservatives are even worse.

    by goblue72 on Mon Feb 25, 2008 at 04:38:14 PM PST

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