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View Diary: TX, VT, RI, and OH primary polls (344 comments)

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  •  RI Explained--Sort Of (5+ / 0-)

    Having lived here for some time, Hillary support comes down to working class whites (incl. Portuguese/Italian/French-Canadian former mill workers) and Colombian immigrants in the Central Falls area, as well as older women, of course.

    But I, for one, am dubious about how many of those working class white/Hispanic males are really going to vote for Clinton, or vote at all.

    I think this will finish within 5%.

    Big East Side (Providence) turnout, South Providence turnout, East Bay upscale voters, students, will all help Obama.

    This is a definition of a GOTV election and I think Obama supporters are going to be MUCH more enthused.

    I live in an area among more of the working class types and I haven't seen a single Hillary sticker.

    The RI Dem machine is really going to be creaking to get her voters to the polls.

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