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View Diary: Pssst, Bill? It's your wife running, not you (363 comments)

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  •  Kos, meet Joe Klein (4+ / 0-)
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    moira977, Ky DEM, sunshineonthebay, Wynter

    I expect this kind of willful misrepresentation about the Clintons from Joe Klein.  

    If you actually read the quote, it's clear that he is speaking in Hillary's vote when he says "if you elect me."

    And for those upthread who have claimed that Bill still deserves derision because he spoke in a way that could be misunderstand for those who willfully choose to, that reminds me of Joe Klein's defense about having the chronology wrong but having his point be accurate.

    Bottom line:  Please don't jump the shark in your zeal to trash the Clintons and adopt all of Obama's narratives.  The motorboat is warming up, but it's not too late.

    •  KOS should be ashamed of himself... (0+ / 0-)

      ...and not for the first time in this campaign.  He is either wilfully ignorant or knowingly misrepresenting what Bill Clinton said.  

      •  Anything to smear Hillary (2+ / 0-)
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        PssttCmere, Ky DEM

        It's the Clinton rules, first established by the ring wing and their sycophants in the RWCM, that everything Clinton says is to be mocked and used as proof that they are, in fact, nefarious and morally flawed.

        I think a lot of people defended them against those unfair attacks when the only alternative was to give in to Republicans, but it's clear to me now that the minute an alternative presented itself, it was much easier for many otherwise rational people to simply give into The Narrative and adopt the Clinton Rules as their own cudgel.

        What's amazing to me is how Hillary is the one who gets smeared with the nasty, negative label when it's her opponents who engage in this stuff daily.

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