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View Diary: Anti-Depressants Or Placebo For Depression? (102 comments)

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  •  This is what I absolutely hate about these (1+ / 0-)
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    Every time someone posts something, there's a massive pile-on about how big pharma is conspiring to increase the number of people hooked on dangerous drugs.  (And a side pile-on, generally, about the cures for cancer which big pharma is hiding.)

    And, of course, when anti-depressants or other drugs turn out to be useful, there's a pile-on about how high drug prices are.

    This doesn't provide evidence for the overdiagnosis of depression.  This doesn't say anything about depression rates, any more than the success of a particular antibiotic says anything about the overdiagnosis of strep throat.  

    Judith Warner had a nice bit about this.  We're not particularly overmedicated today.  People have always turned to drugs -- we just have more (and, generally, safer) varieties available today.

    •  judith warner on drugs (0+ / 0-)

      warner is in my opinion a crackpot who needs to do some more skeptical reporting. i responded to the post of hers you link to here and the one from last friday here. she will not rest until every boy in america is medicated! ok so i am being hyperbolic there.

      •  Give me a break. (0+ / 0-)

        And your 'rebuttals' seem to consist of opinions rather than facts.

        It's possible that mental illnesses are culturally defined.  It's possible that, in the right society, things like visual impairments or scizophrenia or ADHD might be considered positive traits rather than disabilities.  It's a fact that we don't live in such an ideal society.  Consequently, we have glasses, and medication.

        Yes, a lot of boys are on Ritalin.  If this helps them study, is it necessarily a bad thing?

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