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View Diary: Obama played the race card and blamed Clintons (172 comments)

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  •  You are so right! We need new rules! (7+ / 0-)

    Thanks to your insight, we should now be able to see invocation of MLK by a politician for what it is: a laying of the groundwork for eventually playing the race card at some future point in time.

    Clearly, then, politicians should no longer be able to refer to MLK, seeing as that reference would simply be the laying of a clever trap into which unsuspecting non-players of the race card will inevitably fall. We. Can. Not. Run. That. Risk.

    So: no more MLK references. I'd also suggest no more invocations of unity, goodness, hope, or dreams, seeing as these things too have too much race-card-foundation-laying potential.

    I think, though -- and maybe this is just because you're so polite -- you're not going far enough in calling Mr. Obama out for his clever stealthiness in laying foundations for eventually playing the race card. Really, all this stealth began when he engineered things back in the 1960s so that his daddy would be a black guy.

    That, my friends, is where he set the trap into which the unsuspecting innocents in the Clinton camp fell.


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