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View Diary: AK-Sen: Begich to announce in a few hours (85 comments)

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  •  Alaska kossacks! (3+ / 0-)
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    because, mystic, Neon Mama

    I have family outside Anchorage who I will be pushing to vote for Mayor Bergich. I will emphasize how important it is that we have a Senator from Alaska who support people powered LGBT marital rights. I also have some contacts in the villages and will stress that issue to them as well. There is a strong military presence in Alaska, and I bet they would love a visit from our leader Mr. Kos who will show them that people powered LGBT marital rights fighters are tough but tender, broad shouldered and bug eyed in their enthusiasm for fundamental emanating LGBT rights.

    •  That's not the issue to bring up at all (4+ / 0-)
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      because, dufffbeer, kevinspa, Kuparuk

      First, people here are practical and down-to-Earth.  Alaska's not the kind of place where you hear a lot of politically correct euphemisms like "LGBT marital rights."  If you want to say something, say it; don't make up a new word for it just because it's unpopular under the old name.

      Second, most Alaskans are apathetic at best about gay marriage, myself included.  I'm completely fine with the idea, but it's very low on my list of priorities.

      Third, a U.S. Senate election is not the place to push an issue that's likely to move forward on a state level if, when, and where it does.

      Fourth, pointlessly making gay marriage a centerpiece of Begich's campaign would probably hand that seat back to Ted Stevens on a silver platter for 6 more years.

      My sense is that a Democrat here should run strong on the environment (from a sportsmens' rights perspective) and ethics reform.  Also, all politics is local, and that's especially true out here thousands of miles from the other states.  Alaska-specific issues will be important.  I think it would be smart to put the contentious Pebble Mine front-and-center.  I'm guessing both candidates will oppose the mine because there are so many Alaskans and Alaskan special interests unanimously opposed to it, but a Democrat will be in a more credible position to take a strong stance against irresponsible resource exploitation.

      "If Obama is the nominee, we are doomed." -Rush Limbaugh
      "Always speak before Barack Obama, not after Barack Obama." -Olbermann

      by Troutnut on Wed Feb 27, 2008 at 11:15:23 AM PST

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      •  I don't consdier it "politically correct" (0+ / 0-)

        to refer to LGBT fundamental people powered rights as just that. As progressive kossacks, that is what we are referring to when we demand and champion people power. We will definitely end the War in Iraq immediately with President Obama, but our people powered struggle for LGBT marital rights and building an insurmountable wall of separation between church and state is a constant struggle that we embrace and what embodies us as people powered progressives.

    •  asdf (1+ / 0-)
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      Um.  Gay marriage is an issue that's very important to me, and while I am unaware of Begich's position on it, I do hope that he is for it or at least unwilling to vote for some sort of amendment banning it and willing to say so outspokenly (not that I'm as worried about banning-amendments with dem congress now).

      But this is a statewide election in...Alaska.  So I can't help asking: is this comment snark?

      Seriously this must be the last issue I would expect a senate campaign up here to deal with.

      •  One strong similarity b/w Obama & Clinton (0+ / 0-)

        Is both would prioritize Supreme Court nominees who will FINALLY find the fundamental right emanating from our Constitution for members of the LGBT community to marry and no bogus state referendum or state constitution will matter. That is why it is vital that once this nomination is made, we have strong LGBT supporters like Sen. Begich, Sen. Mark Warner, and Sen. Scott Kleeb who will fight back the inevitable Rethug fillibuster.

        So, when you say it is up to the states, that simply can not be true. Because of rigged votes, we are constantly losing at the state level in referendums. Granted, there are some state Supreme Courts who understand this people powered right emanates from the State Constitutions, but now the Rethugs are trying to amend state constitutions. That is why it is vital that we as people powered progressives elect people like Mayor Begich who will vote to seat strong people powered SCOTUS judges who will finally give us what we demand as kossacks, that is people powered fundamental LGBT marital rights.

        •  asdf (0+ / 0-)

          Like I said, I am unaware of Begich's position on Gay marriage.  If he is outspokenly in favor of it...I'll be even happier to vote for him.  Just want to clarify that before saying:

          I'm totally confused here, this seems almost like the blog-comment version of a robo-call.

          •  I'm not 100% positive on this. (0+ / 0-)

            But from what I understand Mayor Begich is personally opposed to people powered LGBT marital rights, but would not vote to force his personal opinion on the issue. Therefore, in order to not force his personal views, he would vote to support fundamental LGBT rights. I know I prefer candidates who support people powered LGBT rights both personally and legislatively, but as with many of our people powered candidates, as long as they oppose but do not force their views through their votes, and therefore vote in favor of people powered LGBT rights, I can live with that.

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