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  •  money, money, moooo-ney (5+ / 0-)

    another advantage of the momentum Obama picked up from the strategy to target small- and caucus-states in an effort to score a bunch of consecutive victories post-Super Tuesday - it gave donors confidence that their money was not going towards a losing campaign.

    between that and his campaign's excellent Internet fundraising strategy, the campaign has amassed a giant "Poker World Championship" pile of chips to use against Clinton in Ohio and Texas.  Much like a good poker player, he's slowly built up his pile and now its big enough that he can increase his chance of victory by using the sheer size of his pile to force his opponent into a choice between folding and going all-in.

    we are seeing this now in Ohio and Texas with reports that Obama is outspending Clinton 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 as he saturation bombs the two states.  its pretty damn smart - right now she is at her weakest - her campaign has lost a long string of primaries since super-Tuesday, the media narrative has shifted to Obama as front-runner, he's held his own in the debates, and he has a lot more cash on hand than she does.  now is the time to bloody her campaign badly so that it's so broke that it can't use the long lag between now and Pennsylvania to recover.

    Liberals drive me crazy. Unfortunately, conservatives are even worse.

    by goblue72 on Wed Feb 27, 2008 at 02:13:42 PM PST

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