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  •  Two columns in the DaMN this AM: (3+ / 0-)
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    That's the Dallas Morning News for you in the know...

    James Ragland: "Black Republicans feeling twinges of Obamamania"  Local black GOP Dallas County leader is only McCain supporter in his own house!
    It will be a struggle this year just to keep the 150 or so black Republicans now under his Dallas County tent.

    Case in point: Just yesterday, one well-known black Republican, Betty Culbreath, proclaimed in a letter to the editor printed in The Dallas Morning News that she's changing parties. Yikes.

    "What makes a clear difference for a person like me [senior citizen] is that Obama wants to unite America," said Ms. Culbreath, chairwoman of the Dallas Housing Authority. "He has one speech, and it's for all people."

    Secomnd column: Gromer Jeffers, Jr.'s weekly political column: "After the voting comes the caucus in Texas primary"

    Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie is preparing the party for an enormous influx of participants at precinct conventions, perhaps 150 percent more than in the past.

    It's a fun time to be in a primary election in Texas.  I will be my precinct's chair for the precinct convention, and I'm looking forward to it!

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