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  •  Open message to all North Texas voters.... (5+ / 0-)

    I am so thrilled to hear of all the new enthusiasm within the Democratic Party in North Texas that has been generated by this Primary Election. This is such an exciting time.

    I have, however, heard a few things that are a little over the top. One of them is that Obama's campaign has done more to change the Democratic Party in North Texas than anything in years. I will gentle remind readers that at least in Dallas County there have been many folks changing the landscape for the past five or six years.

    Democrats courageously ran, and won, contests beginning in 2002. The won one race that year. In 2004, they won four races (full disclosure: my wife was one of those persons).

    In 2006, in what many believed an impossible thing, local Democrats took every local office. That was because many many people have been working hard to reinfuse the Democratic Party with candidates and activists.

    Point being this: my own personal sense is that what's happening now in Texas is simply a natural extension of this, not something different. Yes, Obama is sort of pushing it all into hyperdrive...but it's also a movement that some of us have been watching for some time.

    In fact, after the 2006 election, I wrote a long essay about it here:

    The essay basically says that I eventually believe will happen in every major Texas county. It's quite possible that this election may push that process into hyperdrive.

    If so, I know I look forward to working with all the new folks who come into the party. I've only been active for about four years.

    Together, we can potentially change the entire state...and I look forward to seeing how we might all work together.

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