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  •  Why Are You Conceding Marriage/Family (0+ / 0-)

    When you criticize progressive evangelicals for by saying that:

    "strengthening marriage and the family" as an issue, which surely they must know become well-established by the religious right as meaning, in part, policy positions specifically opposing same-sex civil unions and gay marriage, and often opposing things described by the religious right as steps towards gay marriage, such as anti-discrimination legislation relative to housing and employment for gay Americans, or benefits (and responsibilities) extended to same-sex couples relative to health care, taxation, and inheritance



    Are you implying that anyone who says that they want to strengthen marriages and families is a bigot? Are you saying that because the religious right says "marriage and family" = bigotry, progressives should give up on using the words "marriage and family?"  Are you serious?

    I'm much more interested in evolving and expanding the defition of marriage -- to one that includes same sex couples -- than to concede to the right that any discussion of marriage and family as an issue is inherently bigoted.  You seem to say that we can't talk about those issues because the right has already defined it.  If your strategy is to concede that the other side is the party of "marriage and family," I'll have to disagree with your strategy.  That ain't gonna work with the vast majority of voters in this country.

    For example.  I'm married.  I have a family.  I actually do work on strengthening my marriage and my family. I take that seriously.  I support policies that strenthen families in this country. You seem to say that because I beleive those thigns are important I am a bigot. Let me be clear - I have no problem with gay marriage, and have worked to make it legal.  I beleive that all loving couples should be treated like any other loving couple in the eyes of society and the law.  In fact, this may shock you, I like the institution of marriage.  That's why I want my gay and lesbian friends to be able to have the choice.  

    Your diary is very good, but this is a huge leap of logic that takes us down a pretty bad political/message path...

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