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View Diary: 1 in 100 American adults in prison or jail (50 comments)

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    This is one of those times I get a Tupac lyric stuck in my head:
    "Instead of a War on Poverty, they got a War on Drugs so the police can bother me."

    We lock people up, take away everything, for non-violent offenses. But when are we going to wake up and strike against the root of so many of these problems - the cycle of poverty that gives people so few options that they break the law to make a living.

    Very little of the problem in this country is just violence. The bigger problem is the lack of resources and education that leaves people with no way out. Of that 1 in 100, I wonder how many are in jail because they didn't see any other option; because drugs or robbery or gang violence was the only way they ever knew to make a living.

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