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View Diary: Another attack on hunters from the leaders of the NRA (14 comments)

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    though I don't shoot or hunt myself. I grew up in west central Pennsylvania (where the first days of doe, buck and trout season are de facto school holidays), my father and brother hunt(ed) and both my mother and my father shot competitive black powder muzzleloader for over a decade. I'm definitely not a "gun-grabber", as most NRA-bots would call all liberals. I respect the 2nd Amendment and consider it worth fighting for alongside the first and fourth (and all the others, of course).

    But the NRA's politics has been and still is a problem for me. While I respect their ostensible goals, in general, they've mutated into a Washington insider organization that's more interested in preserving the current faux-Republican, pro-business (especially gun business) status quo than actually fighting for the people who use guns lawfully.

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