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View Diary: CTV Reconfirms Obama NAFTA Story, Names Obama Adviser (318 comments)

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  •  HRC 08 Supporters always have to go negative (3+ / 0-)

    Just can't win on the merits huh?

    Barack Obama's Appeal to Voters Breaks the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns.

    by SteamPunkX on Fri Feb 29, 2008 at 07:46:26 AM PST

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    •  we win the fight on merits (0+ / 0-)

      unlike some puerile cry-babies who bawl when the screws are turned on them. And stop acting holier than thou. You guys spend most of the time making obnoxious ad hominem attacks. If you can't take it then don't dish it out. I have very little patience for people like you. Anyway face it your candidate is an empty race-baiting suit who is running on rhetoric. He might win the nomination but the GE will be something else. Given all the attacks I face from his followers me and many other people like me might just sit this one out. Let's see how many Republicans vote for your precious Saint in the general.

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