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View Diary: McCain Courted Hagee for at Least a Year (32 comments)

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    Frederick Clarkson

    It is important to highlight Hagee's endorsement, McCain's acceptance of it, and Hagee's extremism. Some commenters yesterday on another diary were arguing that it was unfair to assign Hagee's beliefs to McCain, who clearly didn't share them.

    That's called Not Getting It.

    First, were these commenters absolutely 100% certain that McCain rejected all of Hagee's views? Probably not.

    Second, if McCain doesn't hold to the views, then shouldn't he reject the endorsement, as Obama rejected Farrakhan's, unless Hagee publicly discards his anti-catholicism and anti-semitism?

    •  Congressional Israel Allies Caucus met in Jerusal (0+ / 0-)

      in January with their partner organization, the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, and will meet March 5, 2008 in DC.

      Sun 2/24/08
      Congressman Weldon addresses KCAC about greater cooperation between the two sister caucuses.
      Jerusalem - The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus met today with Congressman Dave Weldon, co-Chairman of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus (CIAC). The CIAC was established in July 2006 in response to the initiative of its sister caucus, the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC) of the Israeli Parliament.
      Attending the meeting were many MKs of the caucus, Opposition leader and Chairman of Likud, MK Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as many Christian leaders. Discussed at the meeting was cooperation between the KCAC and the CIAC. At the event, Chairman of the KCAC, MK Benny Elon and Congressman Weldon, ratified a joint resolution between the two sister caucuses. "This resolution will act as a blueprint for political cooperation between the KCAC and its sister caucuses." said caucus director, Josh Reinstein. This resolution will be signed by all of the chairmen of the 11 sister caucuses later this year.
      Congressman Weldon called for the "Unity of all peoples of good will to declare that those who stand together for freedom, democracy and justice must stand with Israel in its hour of greatest trial." MK Elon, Chairman of the caucus, expressed that "this network of inter-parliamentary caucuses that have been created around the world will bring in a new era of political support for Israel ". Christian leaders attending the meeting were proud of the new burgeoning relations. "I think that part of the reason there is this growing relationship between Jews and Christians is that our values our under attack, both physically and spiritually. " said former Prime Minister Netanyahu who himself has been a pioneer in building the new relationship with Christian allies around the world.
      On March 5, 2008, members of the KCAC will be meeting in Washington, D.C with the CIAC on Capitol Hill.
      The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, founded by the late Yuri Shtern, in January, 2004, is chaired by Member of Knesset Benny Elon. It is made up of twelve members of Knesset from seven parties, across the political spectrum. Its mission is to build formal and direct lines of communication, cooperation and coordination between Christian leaders and Members of Knesset.
      For more information please contact:
      Batsheva Neuer
      Batsheva Neuer (

      There is no man more dangerous, in a position of power, than he who refuses to accept as a working truth the idea that ...every act must be moral.-Ida Tarbell

      by Orpheus on Fri Feb 29, 2008 at 09:49:44 AM PST

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