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  •  Arranged marriages often work out quite well (1+ / 0-)
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    something to be said for commonality of backgrounds and interests....

    opposites may attract but usually prove to be unstable and often quite 'combustible'  and those with widely disparate backgrounds often seemed doomed to failure.

    An ethnic Indian I once worked with - first gen here - was approached by his parents about a 'match'....... they themselves had only met on their wedding day.

    He was 'hesitant' to put it mildly but met the person in question - being a dutiful son.  She was accomplished and beautiful, shared a common heritage (important to both of them) and he was smitten.  Their wedding was a beautiful ceremony and they produced stunning children - quite bright as well.  Seems like a far more stable and loving marriage than many others I've seen.

    Personally I suspect that there's much to be said for similar backgrounds and shared interests.  I'd be good friends with my wife even if not married to her. Though family-wise we differ (she's first gen here - my family's been here for 300+ years) much of my background is the same as hers - only mine left a few hundred years earlier.  We were both the oldest, from blue-collar families (with our mothers having a bit more education and 'status' than our fathers - just realized that now....) first to go to college and similar in many ways......  perhaps a bit too much so.... I'd visit her at school and they'd say "Your brother's here..."  lol  Well, no signs of inbreeding in our kids - quite a good mix actually.  Looks and brains.

    Ironically, many 'matchmaking' services that cater to older people (often divorced men and women) focus on the same 'similarities' that would be factors in an arranged marriage..... common backgrounds, 'status', religion and such.  Better chance of 'success.'

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