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    So I posted a little diary that was nothing but the  beautiful video, with a minimal intro.

    You broke a rule in the FAQ. Namely:

    Diaries should be substantive. A good guideline is that if you don't have at least three solid paragraphs to write about your subject, you should probably post a comment in an open thread, or in a recent diary or front-page post that covers a topic relevant to what you wish to write about.

    Now this rule gets broken more than I'd like but keep in mind when you post a nice video (which really belongs as a comment on an Open Thread)you are pushing another diary which someone might have spent a substantial time constructing off the front page diary list.

    Point:  It's not up to Obama's campaign to "rein" in his supporters. It's not up to Clinton's campaign to "rein" in her supporters.  It's America, see? Which means everyone is free to be an asshole.

    Another point:

    Diaries which are deliberately designed to inflame are prohibited.

    This diary seems to fall under that heading.  


    "Calling out" other site users by name in diary titles is prohibited. Diaries which "call out" another by name tend to needlessly inflame. If you feel compelled to address another user's comments or diaries in a diary of your own, please do so cautiously. Avoid ad hominems and stick with substantive, constructive criticism only.

    "Obama thugs" is not a call-out of users per se, but you sure seemed to pack the diary with them.  Instead, why not provide links to the comments and everyone can see who you are targeting. Using a person's natural curiosity to see if they got your ire up on a comment is better than needlessly inflaming by including their names in your diary.

    I'm not going to bother to look at your diary or comment history because it doesn't really matter to me. It takes a thick skin to participate here and it takes the hide of rhinoceros to participate during the primaries.  

    One last final rule from the FAQ.

    Diaries on contested Democratic primaries: Be positive. Make an affirmative case for your favored candidate. If you do criticize a Democratic candidate, don't make ad hominem attacks - stick to substantive criticisms, and back them up with hard evidence. Be very cautious if you go after a fellow Democrat. Odds are, that candidate will have supporters on this site. Reasonable people will accept reasonable criticism - unfair criticism will only needlessly inflame. And remember, deliberately inflammatory diaries are prohibited.

    The FAQ.

    Read it.
    Know it.
    Be it. (okay maybe not, but I needed an exit line.)

    Some consultants are born to stupidity, some achieve stupidity, and some have stupidity thrust upon them.

    Mark Penn - Trifecta!

    by mentaldebris on Sat Mar 01, 2008 at 11:51:54 AM PST

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