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  •  They will reap what they sow (3+ / 0-)

    They either don't realize it or don't care, but they will reap the divisive hatred that they're sowing right now. So many here (not all for certain) are wrapped up in the groupthink and encouraged and egged on by fellow supporters they don't realize just how bad it looks to those that disagree with them or to those like myself whose first two choices for the nomination are long gone (Dodd and Edwards)...having said that there's little reflective objectivity and the behavior is appalling. It is far worse than last election cycle...and I'm not so certain time will heal these wounds...because even I feel it this time.

    Calls for calmer cooler less emotion filled commentary are just not being heeded. They forget we are your allies...we're on the same side...we all want to beat republicans in the fall..but apparently that is just not good enough for many.

    I always said I would support the nominee...Support and vote for are one thing, but I'm not so certain how enthusiastically I will be about working for  or financially assisting ( as I have in past elections) to get Senator Obama elected.  I'm not so certain I am thrilled with the many types of people who post here that Senator Obama campaign attracts...I guess I'm not into this whole movement thing if the types of cynical browbeating badgering individuals that are often found in the threads (similar to many responses here) of this site are what the movement consist of...and I know it's not everyone, but it is far far more than I prefer.

    •  They who? (0+ / 0-)

      Oh. "Them"! I gotcha. Yeah, we gotta watch out for "them".

      FWIW, this Jacob Freeze sows a crop that's a lot worse than almost anyone here.

      Coming Soon -- to an Internet connection near you:

      by FischFry on Sat Mar 01, 2008 at 01:31:18 PM PST

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      •  Disagree (3+ / 0-)

        The "They" are supporters that hide rate and imo abuse the threads, and stalk people just like Jacob Freeze noted above. Now I don't agree with everything Jacob Freeze writes and he's far from perfect, but that is my opinion and you are free to disagree. I disagree with your characterization of him.

        As far as the "they" I refer to I have other names in my mind too (there's even some Obama supporters with prominent national recognition and work for his campaign that I feel fit into that reaping what they sow category)...there are even a few in this thread that I think fall into that category...there are some at this site who are popular outspoken Obama supporters that even when they shit on the pot and write about it in diary it automatically zooms up the top of the recommended list without any comments in it. OK so I might get a little over the top with that comment but you get the general idea. But, I'm not the type to single out names because it's not my style. And feel free to dismiss me just because I won't name names and take the bait from your question....but as I said it's not my style. You appear all hung up on the "they" instead of my main point. Also perhaps if the comment hits to close to home...well perhaps instead of dismissing it, perhaps instead you might need or want to reflect upon it and do as Meteor Blades ask, remain civil in disagreement and treat others as you'd like to be treated. If it doesn't fit you then please feel free to move on.

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