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View Diary: Obama's Thugs Suppress Discussion on Daily Kos (351 comments)

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  •  Hmm... I have a hard time (0+ / 0-)

    interpreting many Clinton supporters' contributions as 'discussion,' really, since they're mostly just litanies of talking points.  But it's been pretty clear to me for a while that if she won the nomination, this would become a much duller place anyway... one of the many reasons I decided to support Obama was because I found his already-committed supporters much more engaging & flexible, if sometime overly enthusiastic.  After all, I can talk to Hillary types all the time IRL, and be just as bored.

    And I haven't read all the comments, but if you're calling out individuals, I hope some of the Hillbots have been named in response-- lord knows I've seen plenty of people beat their heads against the brick wall of some posters' deliberate obtuseness repeatedly, without realizing that they just want to get the slurs out there, not engage.

    "Conservative principles" are marketing props used by the Conservative Movement to achieve political power, not actual beliefs. -Glenn Greenwald

    by latts on Sat Mar 01, 2008 at 01:04:42 PM PST

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