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View Diary: Why wind needs feed-in tariffs (and why it is not the enemy of nuclear) (161 comments)

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  •  nuclear 'waste' is a bizarre fantasy (1+ / 0-)
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     Everything that comes out of a nuclear reactor today that is labeled "waste" can be used as a fuel ... we're real stupid about how we handle stuff, primarily due to concerns over nuclear weapon proliferation.

    Ideally the 0.7% U-235 in uranium should be used to help breed the 99.3% U-238 into plutonium, which is a fine fuel in and of itself. The end products from fission should be small radioisotopes with short half lives. You end up with some not very radioactive stuff that can be turned into big glass "casks" and then any ol' abandoned mine would work nicely as a place to put the stuff.

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