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View Diary: Why wind needs feed-in tariffs (and why it is not the enemy of nuclear) (161 comments)

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  •  If you resolve to say "no" to every proposal... (0+ / 0-)

    then yeah, there will never be a waste management solution you will agree is adequate. I can think of four that I'd be very happy with, all on an industrial scale. Yucca mountain is one of them. Reprocessing is my favorite. Sea burial is better and cheaper than Yucca, or we could just leave the stuff sitting around the way the French do (since we'll want to eventually dig it up anyway for reprocessing).

    All of these are perfectly managable solutions. If you don't like them, you owe me a doable proposal for how to meet the world's energy needs that doesn't suffocate the planet. With numbers.

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