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View Diary: Dear CNN: Don't Stop the Primaries; Don't Push Hillary to Quit (209 comments)

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    The big push by some Obama supporters to threaten  smear and primary campaigns against Clinton-supporting  legislators may backfire.(like those expressed in diaries here;see tags)  The push among Blacks to threaten the jobs and community support of Black legislators is particularly "very troubling" as Obama, himself, has said about other "sinister, racially motivated"  perceived offenses.

    It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.Voltaire-1694-1778 Yes We Can!

    by ebbinflo on Mon Mar 03, 2008 at 06:04:30 PM PST

    •  Have you been reading in the papers, like (0+ / 0-)

      Washington Post and on some interviews on tv about some Black Clinton supporters getting pressured by other Black people to support Obama.  It has gotten intense enough that some are giving in and and switching others are starting to speak out or share with others who ae speaking out.

      There are some who simply changed their minds on their own. They are not what is of concern.  It is the news that some elected superdelegates are feeling threatened with some sort of retribution if they don't change.  For instance, promising a long time congressman that an opponent who supports Obama will be run against them in the next election.   The suggestion is that Obama will be president and their career will be toast.

       Rep. Stephenie Tubbs-Jones was speaking about in one Post article up today. It was spoken of with Black talking heads and others on cable yesterday.  I started noticing it when John Lewis announced that he was endorsing Clinton still but voting his superdelagate vote for Obama and reporters who had talked with him said he was under enourmous pressure to switch and was in a bad state.

      On DKOs there have been discussions in the last two weeks at least about organizing blitzes on elected superdelegates to try to force them to switch or change the rules. Some Obama supporters, that is, wanting delegates to commit now to voting Obama and threatening primary challangers if they don't.

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