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View Diary: Dear CNN: Don't Stop the Primaries; Don't Push Hillary to Quit (209 comments)

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  •  Right, it is, still. That changes what, exactly? (2+ / 0-)
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    slynch, PamelaD

    We don't run or processes by the rules anymore?  We change the rules after we figure who the changes will maybe, I don't know, benefit?

    •  not changing anything (0+ / 0-)

      He wins she has to cheat somehow to try and win.
      He will win the Pledged delegate race.
      He will win the popular vote race.

      •  Think it would help you understand if you contact (0+ / 0-)

        the Democratic Party websites.  They can help you get a better grasp of the rules on nomination.

        •  Free voting superdelegates are in the rules. (0+ / 0-)

          So is the Credentials Committee which has jurisdiction over seating delagates whose seats are disputed.  So is the provision that pledged delegates don't HAVE to vote for their pledged candidates.  The state delegation meets together and announces the total vote in the hall.  They don't announce who voted for whom.

          The party right now disputes Mich and Fla 366 pledged and also all of their supers.  They either have to hold primaries again or appeal to the Credentials committee for their seats.

          Dean doesn't decide. Obama and Clinton don;t decide.  The rules decide and the rules say the committee decides at the convention.

          If the appeal is won, the delegates are all seated and allowed to vote.  That is the process.

          I remember when two delegations from Mississippi came to convention, one white and one Black and white.  The committe was the decider then, too.

          In fact, until lately, the total reason for having the convention was to pick a nominee and write the platform we wanted them to run on.

          There used to be wall to wall network coverage for most a week because so much was happening and being settled there.  Then it dwindled till NBC scheduled and hour a day and was bored with doing that.  Maybe this time it will be a real convention and not all prescripted pagentry.

          •  Well the committe is made up to refelect (0+ / 0-)

            the pledged delegate makeup. So he could follow the rules let the committee decide to not seat the Fl And MI delegates and win.

            Following the rules as you say.

            But I digress most of the super delegate will move way before the convention. Once the Pledged delegate race has been decided they will move toward the winner.

            I think this has already begun as he picked up 5 last week. I expect that to pick up even more to about 10 or 15 per week after Tuesday.

            These super delegates are made up of office holders who are running on the ticket, It is why they are waiting to see who wins the pledged delegate race but once that has been decided they will join ranks with that winner. They will not be interested in a fight for it at the convention.

            I expect that prior to the convention MI and Fl will not be of any significance as he will already have enough Super and pledged delegates to take the nomination, thus he will seat the MI and FL delegates as it won't matter.

            At some point you have to look at it with truth.

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