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    Avila, mariachi mama

    there's the caging and the denial of voting rights to former felons.

    Perhaps this was never much of a democracy, but a society that proposed democratic ideals. For awhile, with the vote finally (de jure) given to African Americans and to women, and with legislation like the 1960s era Voting Rights Act, it seemed the nation wanted to actualize its idealistic heritage.

    But, with a complete loss of moral compass I attribute to the anticommunist crusade of the 1950s-1980s, the momentum began to stall. Now, it appears, we are in full on retreat, and have been since 2000.

    I understand the excitement around this election and Obama, irrespective of whether or not he or any other candidate can really change things, as he has caught a powerful yearning in the country to change things back, and more forward again. Whether he or any other candidate of the two major parties can do that at this point is an open question.

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