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View Diary: FISA: Not Ready Give Up Yet? Please Read and Rec! (21 comments)

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  •  Right -- This literally wouldn't be happening... (0+ / 0-)

    ...if the Dems were operating the way the Rs operated when they ran the House.

    When the Rs were in power in the House, the Leadership enforced a "majority of the majority" rule, meaning that a bill would never be brought up on the floor for consideration if it didn't have a majority of Rs backing it.

    By contrast, we're constantly having to worry about Nancy Pelosi calling up bills which have unanimous R support plus 25 or 30 Democrats.  Pelosi may be beyond all hope, but I'd like to think that Rep. Slaughter is not -- and as chair of the Rules Committee she has the ability at the end of the day to tell Nancy and Steny to go f*ck themselves.  And conversely, if she decides that it's more important to be loyal to House Leadership than to honor her oath to defend the Constitution, then it would be a sad a tragic end to a lifelong career devoted to progressive causes...

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