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View Diary: Update: Obama's Big Lie About NAFTA (80 comments)

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  •  Jake Freeze and JMKnapp (3+ / 0-)
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    Scoopster, Tonedevil, o the umanity

    Neither appears willing to comment on the Globe and Mail story.  We're all familiar I assume with the acronym IOKIYAR - it's OK if your a republican.  Isn't this just an instance of IOKIYAC - it's OK if your a Clinton?  Here we have the very same source of the initial leak regarding Obama - Harper's chief of staff - telling Canadian reporters that it was HILLARY's campaign that was playing both sides of the street, and yet Jake and JM don't appear willing to comment.

    Jake and JM, come in from the cold.  Remember when we ALL abhorred Rove and his tactics?  Remember when we abhorred the effect Rovian tactics had on politics, the disgust and apathy such tactics engendered, and the way unscrupulous politicians used such tactics to avoid discussing the issues of importance to all of us?

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