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  •  Yes! Have psoriasis? Sh%t out of luck, Senator! (4+ / 0-)
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    This is looking good. Force our Potentates of the Potomac to

    --buy individual insurance.
    --work for minimum wage.
    --find out if they can actually get any coverage at all.

    So many of us can't get health insurance for any money at all.

    I repeat: you can be begging the insurance companies to take your nice money and just give you some health insurance already, and they won't do it.

    This happened to me after insanely expensive COBRA ran out. What an utter nightmare. I prayed a great deal, and was very depressed for some reason, thinking about what would happen to my kids if I got sick. I didn't seek mental health treatment, because my depression was a realistic reaction to my actual circumstances.

    When my husband got a job and we got group coverage again, the depression lifted, for some reason....

    I say, let our Political Class get a taste of desperation and depression, too! All their money won't help a bit. I had tons of money (yeah,I was lucky, although being unemployed took care of most of that), and one diagnosis could have wiped us out. It could wipe them out, too. /rant

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