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  •  Just venting on a local matter (0+ / 0-)

    Taking advantage of an open thread to get something off my chest.

    I'm really frustrated and angry with my local progressive radio station today (1360 WCHL in Chapel Hill).  They've dumped all of their normal programming for the entire day because a pretty young white girl was murdered yesterday.  They've been covering memorials, press conferences, and all kinds of similar events.  It's absolutely tragic, but the difference in coverage between this killing and the murders of Marshall Brown, Margaret Murta, or Mary Corcoran (all killed in the last 3 months) is just stomach turning.  This sort of sensationalized coverage is standard fare for CNN, but I feel nothing but hopeless despair for the state of our country and media when even our local talk radio station falls into the 'pretty white girl' trap.

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