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View Diary: Pennsylvania - C - 52, O - 37!! New Rasmussen (258 comments)

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  •  Why will Hillary "clobber" him in FL (4+ / 0-)

    She beat him 60-40 when there wasn't any campaigning. Campaigning is what he does best. He was behind by 20 points in TX and OH three weeks before the votes there, and we saw him catch up.

    Don't panic.

    •  Actually, it wasn't even 60/40... (2+ / 0-)
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      vlajos, Capt Morgan was 50/33.

      Yeah, that does work out to 60/40 with just the two of them, but at the time, Edwards was also on the ballot, and I believe he got the other 17% (give or take).

      Obama seems to have picked up the bulk of Edwards supporters, so I gotta figure that the numbers would've been more like 55/45 if it had been a 2-person race at the time.

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