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  •  Clinton's Path to Victory (3+ / 0-)
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    Mike Lux, of Open Left

    I am not arguing that Obama is the inevitable candidate, so we should all just fall in line. In fact, I do think there is a path to the nomination for Clinton:

    • She runs another harshly negative attack echoing Republican themes and beats Obama in PA
    • The campaign lays heavy pressure and cuts every deal imaginable to win over a solid majority of the remaining uncommitted delegates
    • The campaign then wins a bitterly negative, highly divisive credentials committee fight by a few votes

    At that point, she has just enough delegates to win the nomination in a fight that goes down to convention week.

    I can't think of another scenario at this point for a Clinton victory. None of the pro-Clintonites I have asked about it can spell out another way, either.

    With that kind of nomination fight, the millions of African-Americans, first-time-involved-in-politics young people, and all the other Obama folks leave Denver feeling like the election has been stolen.

    That is not a recipe for a Democratic victory in November.

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