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  •  We don't know who will win these states (3+ / 0-)

    The problem with your comment is that it presumes the 2004 map.  McCain is a different kind of candidate than Bush.

    Obama clearly will put up a fight in CO, NC, NV, and VA.  That's 42 EVs.  And Obama clearly starts with a better position in defending IL (where McCain could do well against Clinton), as well as CT, ME, RI, and WA.

    We can't say that Obama will win them, or that they will even be close at the end of the day.  But he will make McCain compete in these places, and that's critical.

    •  A 2004 map (0+ / 0-)

      and a DLC strategy.

      The first step to winning a vote is asking for a vote. Obama knows that and we're going to see some unlikely battleground states emerge once Obama wins the nomination.

      Pie in the sky, maybe, but imagine what a shot in the arm it would be to the Democratic Party in a state like Nebraska if that was a new battleground state, with all the attention that implies.

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