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    If she was as weak as many people have been claiming she never would have made it this far.

    Which is the point I've been making all along. If the momentum and strength was soley with obama, this would've ended five weeks ago.

    Rhode Island had record turnout, lots of new voters, many of them went to her. He does better with new voters and with momentum, but she doesn't do so bad either.

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      Look, I'm a BHO supporter, but if he was solely responsible for all the new voters and the record turnout, he'd never lose a primary.

      People on here continue to undermine the breadth and depth of support that Clinton has--I don't think it's enough support to win her the nomination, but it is real.

      I think people conflate the massive, massive organizational failures of the Clinton campaign with some large scale repudiation of Clinton the candidate. I'm not saying BHO wouldn't have won 11 in a row even had Hillary been able to fully contest each state, but the margins would have been a great deal closer. In general, in the states where both full out compete, they run about evenly.

      Now it's no one's fault but HRC's that either because of poor strategy/organizing/fundraising, shr's failed to even compete in 15-20 states. The way she's run her campiagn is an awful indictment of her whole argument of competence. But it still doesn't mean that there isn't a great deal of hardcore, even diehard Hillary support outside of Kos-land.

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        ...but visually speaking, if you look at those two maps, it's clear that her regional bases of support complement his in some really nice ways. Add up the states that EITHER candidate wins in these polls and you'd have a landslide of epic proportions!

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