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View Diary: General Election Projections, Survey USA Rules Edition (259 comments)

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  •  McCain has some basic weaknesses here in FL (6+ / 0-)

    where I spend my winters.  Those weaknesses are easier for Clinton to exploit rather than Obama.
    However, it's a long time to Nov.  He may pick it up.

    1.  FL has always succeeded in depressing the African American vote, so Obama will lose votes there.
    1.  There are a lot of veterans here.  Clinton is good with veterans, so is McCain, Obama, not so much.  Vets will go for McCain, if veteran's issues are their #1, but for Hillary if the economy, health care or Social Security are their no. 1.  Obama is not trusted on any of those issues at this time.
    1.  The economy is totally in the crapper in FL.  Really.  Here's a weakness for McCain, for sure.  Unfortunately, the economy is not a chief strength of Obama.
    1.  I don't see the large Hispanic vote going for Obama as much as for Clinton.
    1.  There are a lot of old women in FL.  They prefer Hillary over Obama, and probably McCain over Obama, too.
    1.  Most important-Obama on the opposite side of seating the FL Democratic delegation at the convention is not good.  It does not make him loved here.
    1.  Health insurance is insane here, compared to where I really live, in CT.  Really.  McCain is on the wrong side on this one.  It's another weakness that can be exploited.
    1.  People here believe in global warming, because they're on the front line.  Even our Republicans are serious about it.  It's another place where McCain could be stronger.
    1.  Few college educated, low average wage.  Hillary country.  Definitely not fond of northern "elites"
    1.  Another big FL issue is homeowners' insurance, especially disaster insurance.  The candidate who has a clear & workable plan to sell here has a powerful argument for their election.

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