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View Diary: How Many States Has the Clinton Campaign Dissed? (394 comments)

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    Obama does go after the "HRC states" too.  Something that seems that gets left out of this discussion is that Obama does not neglect traditional blue states -  he makes attempts for those same strongholds, and I believe he has been successful in Democrat heavy cities.  He is not targeting only blue states or delegate rich states, his campaign has targeted all states.  What appears as low hanging fruit Red States, is an energize Democratic leaning electorate.  Also, this a Democratic Primary which involves all Democrats, so to blame a lost on it being as unimportant because it is a red state leaves those respective parties with little room to hope.  These people are Democrats, not Republicans.  This is a Democratic Primary where the entire map is blue and open to candidate.  

    Now, I will give you some credit.  I do think that there are times that the Obama campaign will heavily target a certain state given that it leans more towards him.  The strategy and money may better well spent in certain states when you can't seem to make headway.  

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